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[Player information]
Player Name: Ans
Age: 33
E-mail: kindaxscary at gmail
Other characters played at Cape Kore: n/a

[Character information]
Name: Crowley
Canon: Supernatural
Canon Point: Season 7 finale, 'Survival of the Fittest'
Age: 352

Crowley dresses well, in tailored dark suits and ties, black overcoat and shoes. His vessel is balding and looks to be in his mid-40's with dark hair and lidded, dark and sunken eyes. Crowley is also fairly short for a man; though his actor, Mark Sheppard, is 5'10" Crowley appears to be about four inches shorter than Castiel, whose actor is 5'11". So we'll say about 5'7". His grooming is impeccable and he undoubtedly gets manicures (and probably pedicures).

Inventory: Angel blade, magic 'tracker' coins, teeny bottle of Glencraig whisky

Most demons possess telepathy and teleportation, Crowley included. He also possesses telekinesis and pyrokinesis, even over holy fire. He is well-versed in Enochian and has extensive knowledge of hexes. As a former Crossroads demon he can perform resurrections and heal humans, but only as part of a deal in exchange for souls. Demons are able to sense other supernatural beings including angels and Reapers. The vessel a demon currently inhabits can be subjected to extensive injury and still survive, and sports greater strength than the average human. As King of Hell he also has power over other demons, displaying the ability to keep them in their vessels or evict them at will.

History: http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=Crowley


Crowley is a survivalist. He thinks of himself first and above all, switching alliances easily in order to further his goals. When he was a human, he hated his son and in turn was hated by him, and he keeps few if any friends. Crowley travels light, emotionally speaking, because attachments can become hindrances. He's extremely pragmatic as a consequence, knowing when to cut and run and often hiding out when things get hairy, only emerging once there are spoils to be collected and power vacuums to fill. When Lucifer rose he was one of the few demons who knew that this was a bad thing for everyone, that he would eventually turn his wrath even on his own soldiers, and had no qualms in helping the Winchesters defeat him. He is a formidable ally for whichever side happens to be winning at the time, but once the tide has turned he tends to rescind his services.

Crowley's pragmatism means he is an excellent businessman, earning him the position of King of the Crossroads. He can at once be charming and manipulative toward customers, and an exacting boss from Hell (literally) to his underlings, keeping them in line with a firm hand. To Crowley 'consumer confidence' is everything, but he sees no harm in making occasional loopholes in his deals that he can later exploit. For example, he shuts down a side operation wherein a Crossroads demon has hired another to kill his recent customers off to collect the souls early. But he refuses to give Bobby back his soul, claiming he only has to make 'best efforts' to retrieve it. He is so skilled at negotiation that he was able to delay the signing of a deal with the Leviathans for an entire night by nitpicking the contract. He is also extremely innovative, being the first demon to create bullets made from melted down angel blades, and reinventing Hell as a queue since "nobody likes to stand in lines." He sees Hell as an empire conglomerate ripe for expansion and may as well additionally adopt the title 'King of Long Games', being the sort to set up elaborate schemes to procure what he wants. He ends up not only forming a secret alliance with Grandpa Winchester, but also Castiel, that spans the entire arc of the sixth season. Crowley ends up being the puppetmaster behind most of the events Sam and Dean face.

Though he knows how to roll with the punches, so to speak, and though he is so fluid with his own loyalties, he has much more rigid expectations of others. He abhors stupidity and is constantly disappointed by the actions of his allies and underlings. And when he gets disappointed or thwarted... he tends to get sort of loud and insulting. Really he's something of a control freak, needing to have his finger in every pie. And Crowley has no problem with applying double standards where it concerns his own welfare, considering a deal to be binding and unbreakable unless he himself wishes it. He is flabbergasted when Castiel breaks his promises to share the souls of Purgatory with him.

At the core of Crowley, hidden very very deep, is a desire to be loved and respected. Because of this, he desires not only power but the acknowledgement of said power by those around him. This is why he needs to be sure everyone within a ten-mile radius at any given time remembers that he is now the self-styled 'King of Hell'. His intelligence and caution is tempered by his ego, allowing him to truly believe and expect to be on an equal or higher level to his associates. Reciprocity is key in Crowley's deals, so he is unhappy when Castiel is allowed to kill demons (Crowley's 'hunters') but he can't lay a finger on the Winchesters (Castiel's 'hunters') in turn. He attempts to partner with Dick Roman and the Leviathans, only to be verbally smacked down and told he is a lesser creature. The shock and outrage he feels after this encounter leads him to plot the Leviathans' destruction: another example of Crowley's ego being wounded and his attempts to save face after the fact.

When Crowley feels himself wronged he never truly forgets or forgives; when Meg defects he makes it a point to track her down and punish her. When Castiel doublecrosses him he swears vengeance on the angel. Even when he is offered a deal, finally, by the Leviathans, he doublecrosses them. They've snubbed him once, and it'll take far more than the promise of ruling Canada to make it up to Crowley. Though he can be far more subtle in his actions than other demons, the truth is Crowley kind of loves torturing people. He could easily dispose of Meg or Castiel outright, but instead toys with them and takes his time like a cat with a mouse. He resolves to wait until Castiel is more in his right mind before punishing him, because he wants the angel to truly comprehend what is happening to him. In short, he wants to make sure Castiel suffers. He can also be seen interrogating the Alphas and carving them up with glee, donning a butcher's apron for the task. Crowley knows when and how to use force, but it's clear he also enjoys it when it is necessary.

Crowley's pragmatism is tempered with a sort of decadence and sensuality. All Crossroads demons need a kiss to seal the deal but Crowley seems to actually enjoy enforcing this archaic rule, going so far as to keep photographic evidence of the act itself. He prefers to live in luxury, comfortable and well-protected. He's the sort of guy who has portraits of himself on his wall. He prefers an expensive, difficult to obtain whisky called 'Glencraig' as his drink. And let's not forget what led him to become a demon in the first place: selling his soul for a bigger penis. Though Crowley can and has ditched all of this stuff when necessary, he clearly dislikes living below his means and resents any circumstance that demands it.


Cheating Death with Rory Williams
The Temptation of Castiel

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